One thing a trader should do in order to gain confidence and by doing so gain good results in their trading, is to work for themselves on themselves designing and implementing their own personal trade models and trade plans. What is a trade model? A trade model is a set of organized rules that go into a trade plan, the trade plan has an execution rule based on the trade models inputs IE The reason behind the trade to be executed. The plan is to connect the trade execution idea with its own form of trade management rules IE is there a maximum time permitted for the trade, can the trade be executed outside of a particular time zone IE Asia, Pre London or New York? Many factors go into a trade model and the plan is always to remain consistent within the trade model IE by not breaking or tweaking any of the rules formula unless for good reason or from back testing results. Only a solid set of rules derived from experience or backtesting can bring consistency within your trading results, anything outside of that will bring all the bad things that you do not need into your personal trade journey. Work for yourself and work on yourself to become the aspiring trader you want to be! Create make and break.




2022 program includes real time analysis, the trade model, current price conditions, what we are looking at intra-day, weekly highs and lows etc

Video 1 free video or watch on youtube

Video 2 Introduction to the trading model.

Video 3 Why EurUsd Sold off During Asia, then further into the London and New York session.

This year I provide live conditions for possible outcomes via video & or the private twitter feed. Full access enabled members have access to all the website content including the private twitter feed. From here on in we are focused more on live conditions as there is plenty of supplied material here for new and experienced traders to dive into for there own development as traders.

Full access members have access to exclusive content delivered to you by Gdayfx. Membership includes access to all content, email & private twitter. I am a trader of Forex since May 2012, this field is my experience and expertise. The quality of experience I have when it comes to trading intra-day and or 1 or 2 trades per week is of high end using my own personal trading models, models that give you the pathway to what you are actually looking for. The insights I give to the traders and have given the traders are of quality that includes, dealers ranges, order Blocks, accumulation, distribution, over bought over sold concepts, best gaps to utilize, best support & resistance levels, where liquidity is mostly engineered and tonnes more.... 

2021 content delivers to you as a trader the most important aspects of the supplied liquidity that it is & how you can trade as a trader the biggest markets in the world & this includes all markets.