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I have a model that I designed myself, it gives you one easy strategy for buying and selling, it's ridiculously easily to follow while giving you your daily bias each day and telling you what instrument is ready for the set up! This model is one model I have not shared to date. If you are interested in this, apply within. Current full access members will receive the model, anyone else who is not full access will have to pay an access fee to this model which will also give you full access to the site. This is not a scam. If you want a solid trading plan that is so simple and produces results, then use the request full access link above and type in the description box SIMPLE TRADE PLAN & I will contact you with the information. more info

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2019 Videos

One can think they know or will know how to trade Forex good enough to quit there job/jobs within short time, well the answer to that is, most likely you will not be able to do that, not only in short term though in your long term goals also. I firstly gave myself 2 years to teach myself and learn from others in order to trade full time. I was out by a long shot! Even though my 2 years worth of trading came to an end and I still did not have it all, I did know this! I knew I was was at the beginning of something big for myself and my time was not wasted. The fact that I studied very hard and everyday, gave me such good insights into the markets and there makers, I was standing solid as far as knowing the right things around price action, how the dealers deliver price and work themselves around it. The only things I did not have in place for myself then, was a sound trade model system and risk system in place. I some what knew I could design more of that once I knew why price does what it does, where & when, then I created the correct trading plans to that knowledge and skill set. Fortunately for me I recently had a programmer (full access member) contact me about helping me put my models to quick insertion into the mt4 charts, instead of me drawing the required things I draw in order to scout out the best possible trade set up for the day. He in fact said to me he couldn't stand watching me draw and create "by hand" in the charts and knew that he could do something about that for me. As it is now, my trade models enable me to go over the instruments fairly quickly and see who's up for a party today. Having the right tools on board with the knowledge & trading experience has bolstered me into a professional trading career, one that is a business and is run like clockwork day in day out.


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This beginners, advanced series details how I put together the very trade models required to define & base quality trade decisions on. The series is an in depth view into how I understand & use this knowledge, not only to generate precision intra-day targets though also identifying monthly & weekly turning points & targets. To access this series a disclaimer document is required to be signed & returned to Gdayfx. This series applies to beginner & advanced traders. All full access members are emailed the Signature Series videos & have access to a private twitter account.

2019 - GdayFX Signature Series, Is the the institutional footprints brought to you in a way that I myself as an FX trader became to understand from my own time in the charts. It was May 2012 my journey as an FX trader began. more