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This year I remain trading as usual. Full access members have access to all the material on and off this website I myself have provided. I can be contacted via this website by using the Request Full Access link in the menu or by using this link here. People also contact me through the gdayfx twitter page using the message link


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Cable set up a very nice sell level, notice the gap on the lower time frame just below 1.39, seasonals suggested selling while cable was breaking down new lows back into the previous htf range. The things we take into consideration from the open are key and using those key concepts give the trader an advantage when looking to either long or short the market intra-day 

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This year I provide live conditions for possible outcomes via video & or the private twitter feed. Full access enabled members have access to all the website content including the private twitter feed. From here on in we are focused more on live conditions as there is plenty of supplied material here for new and experienced traders to dive into for there own development as traders.