I stuck with the free ICT Old school material from 2012, the material released had a lot of holes in it, though it was definitely great enough to eventually put together into a personal trading plan. It took many years of continuous study, understanding & findings of price to model it not only mentally, but in a way that ended up being a process and a system in it's self, developed by myself in order to understand how it all works as one IE having enough pairs & crosses set up to identify who is doing what and where also around seasonal perspectives. Once you have all this in line and in place, then you can understand over bought over sold conditions within the models, using the AU GU EU NU based pairs and cross rates. That can sound a bit difficult though once you understand the components better as you move forward, things become very simple and easy to identify and manage as a professional trader. Not only that, it then moves you into the lower time frame with huge insight in a data fueled detailed format of where price will trip to the pip or within pips for your sniper feed!