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2018 - Order Blocks - Price action or more over price movement is generated from thousands of orders running through the FX instruments. When the markets cap, accumulate & distribute you will see price do all sorts of things right? Well we as traders understand the mechanics of what is behind these price behavioural movements, we are informed by past price behaviour where the "good" deliver points of interest are. Knowing this we move to the side lines and wait for intra-day price formations to signal to us when the "best" day is to focus on! order blocks are a engineered process within price action it's self.

Pre 2018 - How do we identify an order block? ict order blocks are commonly a known area of support and or resistance using bullish and bearish order blocks during order flow inside the range, an order block is the initial opposite move before the trend resumes making new highs or lows, from known higher time frame support & resistance levels. Order blocks can be established within consolidated ranges and or at the extremes of smart money reversals, even before a mitigation breaker is formed giving a trader optimal entry for there trade.

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