If you are having trouble with consistency within your trading, while trying to adopt to ICT concepts, you are not alone, there are many traders who adopt to the inner circle trader concepts & find it difficult to adhere to the knowledge provided by ICT FREE. I have personally studied and applied the inner circle trader concepts and trading style for many years now. The time is required to finally gel with it all. The following terms are the terms used by Michael J. Hudlesston through out he's free educational series.

How to implement the following:- Order Block - liquidity pools - mitigation - sponsored move - smart money - market structure - Judas swing - Asia range - confluence - hidden optimal trade entry - sweet spot - trading range - breaker - buy & sell stops - orders in the market place - crouching the order block - institutional order flow - institutional pricing - re pricing - path of least resistance - trading the range - stop hunt - turtle soup - wyckoff - accumulation - profit release - distribution - suspect low - central bank dealers range - time of day - one shot one kill - London open - London close - New York open - support & resistance - rip tide reversal - reflection pattern - ICT kill zone - time & price - buy model - sell model - fair value - equilibrium - discount price objective - premium price level - price delivery - algos

As a trader I have been there, not knowing what goes where, to many moving parts to put into this program, though while staying with the program, trading and learning as I moved forward, I always knew that I was getting closer to becoming more consistent.

It does take a long time for everything to gel and become second nature to a trader. The only thing stopping you is belief and endurance through the highs and lows of your time spent learning. I am not saying that I myself do not need to learn or experience more as a trader, all experience is evident of that of ICT knowledge and concepts. what I am saying is, once you have developed into a more consistent trader derived from a solid trading plan, then you can concentrate on objectives for the week, month, year on wards.

I do believe watching my videos and London set ups could help you understand some things that you might have not yet realised. If you are new to trading or have been involved within it for some time and need some assistance, I can put forward some experience and methods to designing your own program, The Video 1 & 2 How To Trade Eur/Usd, is a complete look at how I have established a tool box trade model set, to trade the London open. I use multiple platforms within the trade models with detailed information that is required from those platforms when making trade decisions. The London model incorporates ICT material and its inner workings throughout. EDIT: 2017 > The best videos I have produced are the grey day videos & Level 3 videos < Having a plan of action is the spine of the action to be made when required. Putting in place a structured program to utilize it's tools when that tool is required, gives the trader the knowledge he needs to make the right decisions. I know it might sound a bit fancy or elaborate, the reality is, keeping it simple and repetitive is the key function to any program, along with the trader behind the mechanics of the trade model. A Trade model is anything you put in as an organised system, a system that you can tweak at your disposal. Becoming successful and more consistent requires good discipline to your program. As you become more accustom to your program and the better you understand its course of action, the better the decisions you will make. Talking about decision making, I also encourage traders to eat and drink well. Eating the right food and drinking good water along with some exercise, really helps your brain functionality. I use a well known doctor from the states advice, when it comes to eating, just he's program alone is a real eye opener when its comes to commercial driven foods that are supplied though out the world. Understanding which foods are beneficial to your over all health and brain functionality, are in my mind, the right foods to eat in order to make the correct on the spot decisions.

2018 - All it takes is, knowing what you are looking for within the set trade model and what the designed model is telling you. We set up our bank levels, then wait. Price action will engineer moves in and around our targets. When time and price align we take focus into either a day trade or swing trade or both, setting the risk to reward parameters to that particular trade. It's that simple.