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This trade model is with out a doubt one of the best you will find... If you seek to trade the Asia, London & NY time frame, then you have found the right person to learn it from. I am Australia based, so my "real" trading hours are mostly around these time frames and I can tell you now, you do not need to trade London or New York to make money in this game. In fact I suggest you learn how to trade the Sydney Asia time frames before you trade London & New York. The understanding of price around these areas is critical to any trader for any time frame.

Studying 7 days a week and trading full-time, It took me over 4 years to develop myself into a trading program that is consistent. I feel that my mentors know that some of there students have the goods to be in this game. though they will not take mention of them, as there is no proof of there students being consistent traders & or the students that are becoming professional do not want to share there development. I myself am on the other side of the coin, I am happy to share how I see and trade the market. It takes a unique individual to master this game, there for your personal program is required to be unique.