If you plot the Open, Close, High, Low of an Order block on a daily chart, how are those lines important if you go down to a 15 minute chart?


its all about the confluence using institutional price levels big figures IE 0 20 50 80 within the big figures 0 being the big figure. if they are close to what you mentioned OCHL then you wait for Asia London New York to open floating above or below those levels pending bias, then they will JUDAS Swing up or down into those levels then reverse, there is a bit of a knack to it and takes practise to have the patience to see it, then you can go into lower times frames IE 15 or 5 minute chart and monitor the price action then, different patterns will form at times, this is when buy and sell models are good, waiting for the accumulation to take place after smaller time frame buy or sell stops have been put in place. Order blocks will also form around higher time frame highs and lows.